Frozen Yogurt Versus Ice Cream

On any warm summer day, there is the need to look for a cold nice drink. In most cases many people tend to go and look for the ice cream shops or the fro-yo shops as many refer to them. Recent research shows that many people that are currently in the world prefer to have the frozen yogurt in place of the ice creams. This in turn has reflected in the sales of the frozen yogurt. Research that was conducted since 2008 shows that the number of ice creams sold is lower than that of the frozen yogurt. The number of outlets that also sell the frozen yogurt has also risen to fulfill the demand market for this sweet desert. Many people have the notion that frozen yogurt is less harmful to you and as such considered healthier. Let’s consider the two on a deeper level.


What is ice cream is a question that is really good. Ice cream is a dessert that has been made to be frozen and the main ingredients include: cream or milk and to add on to this there are flavors that are added for the sweetness. There are very many flavors that are added to improve the taste and they vary from artificial flavors to the fresh fruits. The ice creams that many eat have very specific packaging’s that include cones, cups as well as sundaes. To make this the better options, there are specific toppings that are added to the ice creams that vary depending on the specifications of the customer. For any dessert to be classified as ice cream, there are some specifications that it must meet and this is majorly in the fat content as it is set at 10% milk fat.


Frozen yogurt on the other hand is similarly a dessert that is also made in such a way as its name suggest frozen. The main ingredient rather than the cream that is contained in ice cream here is yogurt. Since yogurt can also be mixed with the flavors and the toppings also can be added, most people tend to add sugar to the fro- yo.


The next consideration that most people look at while choosing between the two desserts is the nutritional value. The main comparison between the two varies in line with the fat content because of the cream that is in one and not in the other. In the case for ice cream, just a single cup you have the following: 31g of carbohydrates, 5g of proteins, 9g of saturated fat, 275 calories and 15g of fat. On the other hand if you choose the frozen yogurt, you have the following: 38g of carbohydrates, 5g of proteins, 4g of saturated fat, 221 calories and 6g of fat. For the people that tend to check the calories and fats that they ingest, most of them tend to opt for the frozen yogurt.


The case for choosing between the two narrows down to the toppings that you choose. Take a case that a person chooses the frozen yogurt and for the toppings, they take a choice of marshmallows. This will in turn increase the sugar content and fat content that you have ingested and as a result will not make a big difference if instead they had chosen the ice cream. The marshmallows and syrups that are the major toppings that are added to the frozen yogurt not only add the sugar content, they also increase the number of calories and fat content that you will have ingested and may be roughly equal or higher than that given by the ice cream.


The greatest tip that anyone can be given is that they check the amount that they take often for the two. Another way to ensure that you enjoy this treats and also ensure healthy eating habits is to check the toppings that you request. This will make a big impact to most of the people that tend to take the frozen yogurts. The best toppings that you may consider are the natural fresh fruits and also nuts that will also lead to an increase in the number of fibers and proteins that you eat. They also normally have lower sugar content and will in turn result in a little lower calorie content rather than the marshmallows. In the case of those that opt for the ice creams, the best way is to make sure that the other foods that you take have a little lower fat content so that the surplus that is contained in the ice cream can replace the one that you did not ingest. An option that is also good is to change from the regular ice cream to one that has a little lower fat content. The amount that you also take in will also affect this. so it is best to ensure that you will not be too gluttonous.





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