Privacy is willing to guarantee highest level of personal privacy and security of all the data that is shared within our website. Here below we have stated all the aspects that consider protection your personal information while browsing website and using its services.

Personal information collects personal information that you provide while subscribing to newsletter, however we do not give out or sell this data to third-party resources. We might use this data in case we wish to contact you or for addressing you correctly in our emails. We securely store all the personal information about our users without any possible chance that it might be revealed to publicity or to third-party hands.

General Information Collection collects such general information about its visitors as IP addresses and cookies. This data is captured but it is strictly used for our internal purposes and it is not disclosed publicly or given to third-party hands. We use this data for inner usage and statistical data creation so that we have an opportunity to analyze information about our visitors and improve the facilities of our website.

Cookies are used on the absolute majority of the websites you visit on a regular basis, cookies help you to customize and personalize the website if you are visiting it for the second and further times. Cookies can be disabled in the settings of your web browser, in case you do not wish to provide any information about your online history.

Age restriction

By the rules of, people under 14 years old are not allowed to use services of our website or browse its pages. In case you are 14 years old or younger, you must only visit under your parents or your legal guardian guidance.

Links to third-party sites

While visiting website you can notice links to other websites. We bare no responsibility for the content of the third-party websites, their ways of collecting of such information as your personal data, your IP address or cookies or for their safety as well. You are leaving website on your own risk and the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service of the third-party websites might be absolutely different from ours.