10 Types of Ice Cream Desserts

One of the most popular desserts in birthday parties and family gatherings is ice cream. That’s because of their sweet, cold and creamy nature. This tasty dessert is also available in many varieties. This guide gives you 10 types of ice creams and reasons why ice cream is the best dessert. They are:

Hard Ice Cream

  • One of the best types of ice cream you should consider having is the hard ice cream. That’s because it contains, milk or cream, eggs, sugar and stabilizers.
  • It’s also available in many flavors such as chocolate, vanilla and fruit. That means it’s a source of both proteins and vitamins.
  • It enables you to have bursts of energy in your family gatherings and parties. The cold nature of the hard ice cream also makes it ideal to have after a hot and delicious meal.

Light Ice Cream

  • Another type of ice cream you should consider having in your menu dessert is the light ice cream. That’s because it contains milk ingredients, stabilizers and sugar.
  • Compared to the regular hard ice cream, it contains 25% less milk fat. That’s means if you want a healthy lifestyle, you should this dessert.

Soft Ice Cream

  • Another excellent dessert to have is the soft ice cream. That’s because it contains sugar, milk or cream and other flavorings. It’s frozen and gets stored in specific machines.
  • The high temperatures enable it to stay smooth, soft and creamy. It gets stored in liquid form and can be served in bowls or a cone.
  • You should eat this dessert in ice cream shops, homes or restaurants.

Reduced Fat Ice Cream

  • Reduced fat ice cream is another dessert you should consider having in your menu. That’s because it has milk ingredients that have less fat, sugar, flavorings and stabilizers.
  • That means it ideal for you if you prefer healthy ice creams. One tip when purchasing them is checking their labels. That enables you to know their fat content.


No Sugar Added Ice Cream

  • This ice cream is also known as the frozen dairy dessert. It’s similar to other ice creams. That because it’s also made of milk ingredients as well as stabilizers.
  • It also contains sweeteners that are artificial and sugar substitutes that are natural. It’s best you if you prefer ice cream varieties that contain low-fat levels.

Fat-Free Frozen Dairy Dessert

  • This ice cream consists of sugar, stabilizers, natural sweeteners and milk ingredients that are modified. It also contains less fat, for example, 0.1% per serving. It’s best if you prefer less fat in your diet.

Lactose-Free Ice cream

  • This ice cream consists of added lactase enzymes. It’s best if you are lactose intolerant. That’s because it doesn’t contain detectable lactose.

Organic Ice Cream

  • Organic ice cream is made from organically produced milk. It also contains other ice cream ingredients such as sugar and stabilizers. It the best dessert if you prefer organic food.

Gluten Free Ice Cream

  • One ice cream you should consider taking is the gluten-free ice cream. That’s because it doesn’t contain gluten.
  • Keep in mind that regular ice cream ingredients such as stabilizers may contain this substance. One tip when purchasing this type of ice cream is to check their logos.
  • That’s because you need to be sure they are gluten free.

Italian Style Gelato

  • This ice-cream is made with less cream and more milk. That means it contains less fat as a result of low cream levels. It also contains sugar, egg yolks, flavorings and other sweeteners.
  • You should consider buying it if you prefer intense flavors. That’s because it also has less air compared to traditional ice creams.

How to Choose Them

  • You should ensure you check ice cream labels on brands. That ensures you buy those that suit your health needs.
  • When organizing parties or family gatherings, you should consider having a variety of ice cream types. That ensures your guests get to select those that suit their health needs.
  • Consider purchasing ice cream brands from reputable companies. That ensures you buy high-quality desserts.
  • You should also check the online reviews of these ice cream brands. That enables you to know how consumers rate them.
  • Another tip is checking their manufacturing dates. It makes sure you buy fresh products.


The above guide on why ice cream is the best dessert should get you to consider having it as your regular dessert option. Check your budget estimates and purchase those that suit your health needs.


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